About Us

MEP is an amalgamation of Leicester and Leicestershire community organisations that have a long history of working together through joint projects, referrals and informal working arrangements to provide a wide range of employment related services and help for individuals (and especially, those who are furthest from the labour market) to find and retain work.  These community organisations have now come together through a formal partnership established in 2014 to improve the lives of people across the City and County who are socially excluded.

MEP has its roots in local communities as our members are grassroots organisations led by and for local communities and with a successful track record of service over many years, who are based in and delivering in local neighbourhoods and communities across the Leicester and Leicestershire areas.  Collectively MEP brings a unique set of community development skills and experience, knowledge and innovation to initiate and promote the economic and social inclusion of Leicester and Leicestershire’s socially excluded communities.

MEP is a very well established partnership that meets with all its members to discuss the needs of our Leicester and Leicestershire communities and how to meet those needs. MEP focuses on improving the economic and social standing of the most disadvantaged people across Leicestershire, especially those in poverty and hardest to reach.